First Of The Roll

In the era of digital photography a lot of us, awed by the endless possibilities of our new cameras, abandoned our old photo equipment. But we still remember times when we saw the pictures we’ve taken after a few days and sometimes even weeks. Holding them in our hands, not like today on the screens of phones, cameras, just seconds after the image has been taken.

Reconcile with an analog camera

This feeling is the reason that a lot of us is taking a step back today and reconciles again with a good old analog camera. Anyone who has ever taken analog photos knows the feeling of uncertainty of the first picture. You never know what will appear on the film. A few weeks ago we came across a brilliant Instagram profile called @f1rstoftheroll. As the name suggests, it’s entirely devoted to the first photo of the film. Sometimes it’s just a half of frame, sometimes it’s overexposed, but each of them tells the different story, and it’s unique in its own way.

You can find more first of the roll photos here: @f1rstoftheroll

Featured photo: NordWood Themes on Unsplash